Cloud Services - PeeringOne Cloud PeeringOne Cloud was designed and build based on the Microsoft Cloud Platform architecture.

PeeringOne Cloud was designed and build based on the Microsoft Cloud Platform architecture. Homed in the first Tier III DataCentre facility in Malaysia, we strive to meet the ever demanding technological needs of enterprises in Malaysia.

Our comprehensive range of cloud infrastructure services include:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Desktop-as-a-Service
  • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

As a proud member of the Microsoft Cloud OS Network, which a global consortium of Cloud Service Providers who have embraced the Cloud OS vision, we work closely with Microsoft to offer our customers the best of Private, Public and Hybrid cloud offering, coupled with Azure-enabled solutions.The Cloud OS vision is to provide a consistent infrastructure across customer’sDataCentre, PeerinOne Cloud and Microsoft Azure Cloud. This provides our customer the ability to quickly and flexibly respond to changes in business environment while continuing to grow their IT infrastructure to meet the demanding business needs for technology.

Having the best-of-breed infrastructure and technology solutions isn’t enough, we strongly believe in having the right people to be able to deliver the level of customer experience as part of the engagement.

PeeringOne Cloud is truly a Cloud platform designed to meet your enterprise business needs.

Feature 1

Private Cloud

  • ✔ Utilization through virtualization.
  • ✔ Rapid Scaling deployment
  • ✔ Increase resilience
  • ✔ Workloads are multiplexed.
  • ✔ Automated environment
  • ✔ Easy to use web control pane
  • ✔ Integrate with public cloud
  • ✔ Minimizing your budget
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Virtual Private cloud

  • ✔ Stand up new infrastructure
  • ✔ Highly secure and scalable
  • ✔ Running applications
  • ✔ Multiple virtual DataCentres
  • ✔ Custom builds and live
  • ✔ Self-provisioning model
  • ✔ Pay-as-you-go or contract options
  • ✔ Microsoft’s Cloud OS platform
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Public Azure cloud

  • ✔ Launch Windows Server and Linux
  • ✔ 1 to 1000s of VM Instances
  • ✔ Built-in Virtual Networking
  • ✔ Leverage Hybrid Consistency
  • ✔ Microsoft SQL Server
  • ✔ Oracle, MySQL, Redis
  • ✔ Save money with per-min billing
  • ✔ It provides both PaaS and IaaS
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Experience Achieving Real-Time Flexibility Through Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Scalability and security become particularly important in peak seasons like Christmas for Finnish post and logistics company Itella.

It transformed its IT through Microsoft Cloud partner like PeeringOne

Combining Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and a local hosted cloud with single sign-on and self-service capabilities.


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