Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud service from PeeringOne, built on Microsoft’s Cloud OS platform, leverage familiar management tools and a common Hyper-V based infrastructure platform to enable Private Cloud scenarios and accelerate your move to the cloud.It offers you the original portal and interface as used by Microsoft Azure.

VPC is a provision model in which you outsources the equipment used to support operations, including storage, hardware, servers and networking components. We owns the equipment and responsible for housing, running and maintaining it, you typically pays on a per-use basis. This solution reduces the management burden on IT and enables new cloud capabilities, transforming IT into a business enabler.


  • Stand up new infrastructure in minutes
  • Highly secure and scalable
  • Running applications which require private network
  • Flexibility of multiple virtual data centers
  • Custom builds and live reallocations of resources
  • Self-provisioning model via browser portal
  • Pay-as-you-go or contract options

Experience Achieving Real-Time Flexibility Through Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Scalability and security become particularly important in peak seasons like Christmas for Finnish post and logistics company Itella.

It transformed its IT through Microsoft Cloud partner like PeeringOne

Combining Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and a local hosted cloud with single sign-on and self-service capabilities.


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