Clouds with Leading On-premise Technologies

Highly volatile with HA architecture, VMware makes the cloud highly scalable, flexible and resilient. Start your cloud transition here for a seamless lift-and-shift transition while maintaining operation familiarity with your on-premise environment.


Build your cloud with the most powerful virtualization technologies of the world.


Maintain familiarity and consistency with your current operations to avoid complexity.


Build, run and manage applications with the most widely supported platform.


Turn your current data center technologies easily into cloud model.

Why Peering One VMware Cloud?

Cloud DR

Build resiliency at lower cost with DR-as-a-Service, seamlessly replicating your existing VMware workloads to our VMware Cloud as warm DR.


Offload or burst your new capacity requirements to our VMware Cloud. Operations maintain connected and seamless as both our cloud and your DC share the same technologies.

Data center exit

Turn off your DC and operate your business from our VMware cloud with OPEX model. Gain confidence of transiting to cloud as the same on-premise technology is used. Build for mission critical applications, the cloud is managed, secured and flexible for complex integrations.

Data sovereignty

Choose our in-country cloud to host your data or built a hybrid model if data locality is a consideration. We host our cloud only in local data center.

Peering One Services for VMware

Managed Cloud
Managed Cloud

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