Peering One is HPE GreenLake Cloud Provider

Build hosted dedicated cloud with HPE SimpliVity, a leading hyper-converged platform with in-build data protections. Enable unmatched cost effectiveness and resiliency with high available architecture powered by HPE hardware technologies.
Data Efficiency

(90% Capacity savings across storage & backup combined)

  • Inline deduplication, compression, and optimization at inception
Restore Efficiency

(Power to recover 1TB VMs in 60 secs*)

  • Built-in data protection and resiliency features.
System Efficiency

(Collapsing up to 10 discrete silos & improved scaling)

  • HCI with ability to deploy as shared resource pool

Why Peering One - HPE GreenLake Cloud?

HPE technologies as preferred choice

Are you an organizations that understand the value of HPE technologies and are looking at data center exit strategy? With SimpliVity, we position the HCI platform to build a highly efficient and cost-effective dedicated cloud services.

Expansion of existing HPE SimpliVity data center

Are you looking at additional resources to your existing data center to support business growth? With our managed dedicated SimpliVity cloud, you can create a hybrid environment without initial expenditure (CAPEX) and additional while maintaining full control.

Opting for private resources

Are you an organization that do not wish to share resources as in multi-
tenancy cloud model? For any possible reasons such as privacy or resources intensive applications, our SimpliVity solutions are built as managed dedicated cloud, with managed cloud security and redundant nodes to protect your data and applications.

Peering One Services with HPE GreenLake Cloud

Managed Cloud
Managed Cloud

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